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Below are a few recent projects that we have completed. Have a look through to see the kind of work we do.

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Case Studies

New Workshop Lighting President Engineering Group, Sheffield

New workshop lighting

President Engineering had a workshop lit by 13 year old, 6 foot twin T8 fluorescent lights. Their issues were that access was awkward in some areas which meant that the difficult to reach fittings did not get maintained, leaving those areas with very little light. In addition, their light levels were an average of 150 lux that would have been fine in a warehouse, but was nowhere near enough for a precision engineering company.

Northern Electrical Services (Yorkshire) Limited's solution was to strip out the old fittings which were sent for recycling. In place of each existing fitting we installed a 13A metal-clad socket. Where the original fittings had an emergency pack built in, a second socket was added that was colour-coded red. The works were carried out overnight so as not to disrupt President Engineering’s staff during their working hours.

New 200W induction fluorescent lowbay fittings were added according to a new design, at a ratio of roughly 1 new fitting to 2.5 old fittings, and plugged into the 13A sockets. This of course leaves plenty of spare sockets ready for additional fittings should it be required. The fact that the new fittings merely plug in means that the site's own maintenance staff can replace and add fittings themselves whenever they wish, with no need to bring in an outside contractor. Twin spot emergency fittings were added wherever a ‘red’ socket was located.

New workshop lighting

Light levels are now an average of 450 lux, whilst energy consumption has been reduced, resulting in savings of nearly £13,000 per year. The installation will pay for itself in less than 2 years. Once anticipated price rises in electricity costs have been accounted for, savings of £200,000 should be achieved over the next 10 years.

With 80,000 hours of expected lamp life with the new fittings, maintenance has been virtually eliminated. Even with their 6am to 10pm, 6 days a week opening hours, the fittings can be expected to last around 16 years before even a lamp change is required.

New Vehicle Workshop Lighting Yorkshire Ambulance Service

New vehicle workshop lighting

Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s vehicle workshop in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that their fleet of vehicles is kept on the road. Their existing lighting was 400W metal halide lowbay fittings, whose light output would reduce by two thirds over the life of the lamp. In addition, access to change lamps is difficult due to vehicles and fixed machinery.

Northern Electrical Services (Yorkshire) Limited's solution was to strip out the old fittings that were sent for recycling. The works were carried out by co-ordinating with site staff so as not to disrupt their flow of vehicles in and out of the workshop.

New 3x80W T5 fluorescent 'Flobay' fittings were hung in place of the existing fittings, giving a lamp life of 2.5 times the previous metal halides whilst maintaining 90% light output over that time. Each new fitting has a programmable daylight and motion sensor built in, so that the fittings will dim themselves down and even turn off when sufficient natural light is available, or if no motion is detected in each individual fittings area for a set period of time. The settings for each fitting can be changed with a hand-held programming unit from floor level.

Electricity consumption has been reduced by 60%, resulting in savings of over £7,000 per year. The installation will pay for itself in 1 year and 5 months.

General Lighting Thirsk Primary School

Thirsk Primary School

Thirsk Primary School in North Yorkshire was typical of most schools in that it had a mixture of all sorts of light fittings. Most were as fitted when the building was built many years ago, some were replacements for ones that had failed and others were installed when areas were refurbished. What they had in common was that they were whatever the contractor of that time could obtain cheaply. The result was a variety of fittings using a many different types of lamp, very few of which were anything like efficient.

Northern Electrical Services (Yorkshire) Limited's solution was to assess the existing fittings and decide, in conjunction with the school, which were good and could be retained, which weren’t as good as is possible, but were good enough to make replacing them not viable, and which fittings could realise enough savings to generate a substantial saving. Sample fittings were demonstrated on site including different types of lamps and a couple of areas had trial installations carried out prior to the rest of the school.

Thirsk Primary School

The existing fittings which were to be replaced were then stripped out and sent for recycling. New dimming T5 fluorescent fittings were installed in each area, with daylight tubes fitted. The hall had extended life tubes which reduces on-going maintenance costs and also had clear polycarbonate covers fitted to eliminate the risks associated with falling glass should a tube break. The existing switching arrangements were altered to provide manual control for on/off and for dimming up and down purposes. Several existing fittings could not be practically replaced, so these were refitted with all new internal equipment giving the same functionality as the new fittings.

The new lighting installation has reduced energy consumption related to the lighting system to just 46% of its previous level whilst significantly reducing the school’s maintenance costs, not just in the hall, but in all other areas as well.

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